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Arab parents have somehow managed to implant an automatic checklist into their kids' minds.

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That checklist is used during any encounter with another human being. Then two things may happen: People are really only two connections away in the Arab world as opposed to the original "six degrees of separation". This means us Arabs are all just two steps away from discovering the person you are dating may actually be a long-lost relative or a relative of a relative of a friend. Your mother's friend's friend's friend's sibling's cousin saw you and your bae hanging out At some point in your life, you stopped differentiating the levels of affection One of the two sometimes has extreme difficulty fully embracing the concept of flirting.

Either that or they have fully embraced the Arab ' let's crack a joke at the most inappropriate time ' gene present in We all know the topic of sex is not one that is approached openly and freely in our part of the world.

The 50 shades of an Arab relationship

It is still considered a taboo to even just TALK about sex. It's a series of questions that run through our heads, naturally, because we live in a place where people relate to tradition very differently.

Ten Signs a Guy Likes You

It's extremely murky territory. But here's the thing. Don't be put off by it.

16 Signs You’re Dating An Arab Man

See where your sexpectations converge and diverge, and take it from there. How traditional is the person you're seeing?

How many Arab rituals has the person you're seeing adopted? Are you two compatible?

There will come a time where all these questions will be answered. Make sure to think rationally! Not all Arab men are bad same with not all Arab men to white women are good. They are still their own individual persons and generalizing will not do much. Your current configuration is outdated or not compatible with this site.

Arab Men & White Women

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Image 5 of 9: You might not need to worry about slaving barefoot over a hot stove while he watches football. Believe it or not, some Arab men like to show off their skills in the kitchen. If you played your cards right, tonight you might have your very own Chef Ramzi cooking up a romantic fettucini dinner!

Image 6 of 9: Many good Muslim men seem to embrace St. Muslims are free to show their devotion to their WAGs on this occasion - and some seem to take their tacky gifts religiously. Image 7 of 9: Image 8 of 9: Image 9 of 9: Image 1 of 9 Their mama chooses their wife: