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Estate Treasure - finished cross stitch sampler on unbleached linen fabric. They Hope Words are in blue Around border is written: In All ways acknowledge Him andHe shall direct thy paths. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord Beloved let us love o Completed cross stitch ready for your personal finishing. This pattern was a joy to stitch.

Needlework FAQ: Counted Cross Stitch Tutorial chapter 2

I love the woven spider stitch that was used for the 3 flowers. Vintage Cross Stitch Picture: The fabric looks to be linen. There is muslin fabric that has been stitched onto the side edges see photo Elegant hand embroidered, finished cross-stitch on a light blue-gray aida cotton. The stitched area is It's in good shape. Lovely completed floral cross stitch picture ready for framing of your choice.

Background is bright white flash makes it look yellowish. Design worked on 14 ct stardust gold dusted Aida.

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On some pieces I have stitched my initials in the corner with the year, at least I used to. Seems like I forgot with the last few, but should I finish pieces again I think I will.

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Give those future generations something to wonder about. Sometimes I get creative and put the initials and date in an area where they blend in with the stitching. For example with my Mirabilia Emerald Mermaid there were swirling beads in the garland she was holding so I put my mom and mine's initials in one of the swirly things and beaded around it. You can hardly notice them but it looks pretty when you do. And I just do simple back stitch letters in one strand in a colour that is in the piece.

Another example was with the letter P my mom and I did for my nan. There we put the initials another mother daughter project hidden within the project because it would have stuck out like a sore thumb if we had put it anywhere else. For majority of my stitching though I will put my initials and date on the "floor" by the stitching.

That way if it is noticeable it just appears to be something on the floor. Haven't decided if it will be just initials or is it will be my first initial and last name. I have plenty of time to think about that. For information on subscribing to their weekly e-mail newsletter, visit www. A free mail-order catalog is available to you upon request if you live in the USA or Canada.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Scrapbooking Embroidery on Paper: Blanket Stitch Pulled vs. Documentation, is it really necessary? Should I include a signature? What should my signature include?

Completed Cross Stitches

Here are some of the options to consider: Your initials 2 or 3 , possibly worked into a monogram. Design a personal logo which you can work into the piece. Potters often use a special symbol to sign their work.

Cross Stitch - Backstitch Outline Stitch

The butterfly design changed over the course of his painting, which also provides a time frame for when the painting was done. How should you write the date? Where should I put my signature?

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Find a place in the design and use a slightly darker or lighter thread color so that it blends in. You can purchase personalized handiwork labels which can be tacked on to the back of your piece. Be sure to add the date with permanent ink before you attach it to your piece. Create your own personal label on a separate piece of cloth and attach it to your piece, like the quilt labels.

Should I keep a journal?

If you do sign your work, it is suggested to use the same technique that the piece is done in. However, sometimes it is not possible for needle workers to stitch their signature in the design. You could sign your work with permanent ink, such as Elaine Keller from Candle in the Cellar does. Be sure to test your pen on a scrap of the fabric before you try writing it on the finished piece! Pretty hard to argue with the fingerprint when it comes down to whether it is a forgery or not.

What if it is a piece from a pattern? Should I keep a journal? It keeps you organized! You may decide when you are finished you want to enter it into competition. Depending on the competition, you may need to know the fibers used or how much time it took to stitch it.